Cross Cultural Intelligence Workshop


December 17th


Date: Saturday, December 17, 9:30 am – 5 pm (Lunch provided)

Location: LIFE Education Center, B-26, first floor, Lajpat Nagar – 1, New Delhi


Price: Rs. 2000 ($35) for the workshop

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Do you know that 70% of international ventures fail due to cultural differences?

Do you know that 90% of leading executives from 68 countries named cross-cultural leadership as their top management challenge?

There are more than 300 models of intercultural competence with dozens of corresponding inventories. 

Cultural intelligence, or CQ, is the capability to function effectively in culturally diverse situations. It focuses specifically on learned skills that are critical for working effectively in culturally diverse environments. Skills, unlike values and personality, can be developed and improved through education, training, and experience.

The Cultural Intelligence Center based in Grand Rapids Michigan, USA, has developed and conducted more than 53,000 cultural assessments of people from more than 90 countries. Our presenter, Dr. Steve Nolen, is CQ Certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center.

Dr. Steven L. Nolen

Founder and President, B.S. in Accounting; D.M. in Intercultural Studies; 25 years cross-cultural experience; Steve is certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA as a CQ Certified professional.

*In addition to the Workshop, those who attend may choose to take the “Cultural Intelligence Center Assessment” either before or after attending the workshop. This assessment is an academic tool being used at Harvard University, University of Michigan, and other U.S. colleges. It is a course certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center. After taking the assessment, all candidates will be debriefed regarding their results. The results of the test will give you your CQ (Cultural Quotient)score and the debriefing will highlight cross-cultural strengths and weaknesses, and list the skills that still need to be developed. For more information on the Cultural Assessment Center, go to

Prices for the Cultural Intelligence Center Assessment (Seperate from registration Fee)

For the Cultural Self-Assessment:

For Business Professionals,  Rs.3,500, ($50) per person.

For Non-profits/Educational Institutions, Rs. 1,200 ($18) per person

For Multi-Rater Assessment: (5 other people evaluate cultural ability of the candidate in addition to the self-assessment):  Rs. 5,200 ($80) per person

For Non-profits/Educational Institutions, Rs. 2,600 ($40) per person